A Daylet Room allows you to enjoy the facilities of a high end and boutique daytime hotels at a discounted price, 30% to 75% off the night rate. We have selected all our hotels according to specific criteria to make sure you can get the most out of your daylet room. The aim is for you to be able to book a room for a few hours only during the day. We do not require a credit card so it takes only one minute to make a reservation for a daylet room and cancellation is free of charge up to two hours before the end of the day use. To book a room you have three easy options: give us a call and a member of our team will be glad to help you find the best hotel for you, book directly online on dayuse.com.hk or through our app.

Daylet rooms

Luxury, is a high end good and used to be accessible only for the elite society, times have changed though. Book a day room at a luxury daylet hotel in your city. Use your free time in a smart way and live like a king. A 5 star daylet hotel will make your daystay rooms unforgettable. Our daylet hotels are used for any reason, whether you are looking for a second office and would like to use the printing facilities and high speed WiFi to catch up on your work in the best conditions, or you need a daylet room for some relaxation, we have an offer for you. We offer a daylet rooms in the heart of the city centre or near airports with easy access to public transportations to make your life easier and reduce the inherent stress.

Daylet hotels and daylet rooms

You can find more than 5000 partner hotels on dayuse.com.hk offering a daylet rooms at a price that is 75% cheaper than an over night stay. Daylet hotels are the most convenient way to spend an afternoon or weekend. If you are waiting for your next flight, take a power nap in daylet hotels. A day room will allow you to recharge your batteries and prepare you for your next trip. Cheap is exactly what most of us need especially when it's just for a couple of hours during the day. If you do have any questions in regards to daylet rooms, do not hesitate to contact dayuse.com.hk.