Did you ever have a long layover between two flights and wondered where you could rest? Dayuse.com.hk offers you to book Day Use in airports to have a break and be in a quiet and comfortable room to perfectly rest before your next flight. Our rooms will allow you to sleep, freshen up but also eat as our hotels offer room service or on-site restaurants. In some of our layover hotels you will be able to relax in a peaceful spa and enjoy the swimming pool to release the pressure that travelling can sometimes create.

Layover hotel in Hong Kong airports

As frequent travellers ourselves, we know how important it is to make the most out of our layover hotel. We experienced long stopovers in Hong Kong airports and, therefore we also needed a quiet place to rest before checking in for our next flight. Dayuse.com.hk is a service made just for you, offering you the chance to book a hotel room for few hours at a discounted price from the night rate. That way, the time you spend in one of our layover hotel will be the most pleasurable time of your travel !

Layover hotel with easy access to the airports

Every layover hotel offers a very easy access to the different terminals. We chose carefully all our hotel partners for their proximity to the airports and most of them even provide a shuttle to make your travel easier. From a luxury room to a relaxing spa and a swimming pool or a restaurant you will be able to pick the best layover hotel meeting all your needs and requirements.