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Discover our new "Pool access only" offers where you can enjoy the hotel pool without booking a room

25 day hotels in New Territories

-40%HK$500 per night
-46%HK$735 per night
-45%HK$540 per night
-47%HK$650 per night
-40%HK$500 per night
-40%HK$500 per night
-25%HK$400 per night
-40%HK$500 per night

Fancy a Staycation experience in The New Territories? 

Book a luxury hotel room for a few hours during the day in The New Territories! 

Hotels by day usage has been adopted across the world for multiple usages. Treat yourself in a 5 stars hotel, recreate your very own office space in a hotel room, turn a long layover into a moment of rest and serenity or simply be a tourist in The New Territories. In need of a stay-cation for a morning, afternoon or a full day? is taking care of everything.

Discover our day room hotels in The New Territories

Imagine. A space where you can relax and clear your mind a few hours during the day.

Napping on your couch at home feels boring? With you can book day rooms for a few hours to rest whether you are by yourself or with your partner!

Day rooms are great for feeling on holiday a few streets away from your home. Thanks to this concept you don't even have to choose between going to the restaurant, the movies, a coffee shop or a bar anymore, there's a place where you can have it all: the Day room in The New Territories! Thanks to our incredible selection of hotels, you can choose the one that matches your expectations! Fan of small cozy rooms, of big spaces, of “me time”, or intimacy with your partner? This Selection of Day rooms is for you. Have we mentioned that they are incredibly affordable thanks to negotiated prices? Up to 75% off the night rate! 


Need an office space that is both calm and comfortable in The NEw Territories?


Sometimes offices are just too small, too crowded or completely see-through. Sometimes you have to work from home with other people, some of them may be kids, for an uncertain amount of time. This can be problematic when you're trying to conduct an interview with someone important, or simply if you need to focus on task. This is when our selection of business hotels comes in handy: you can book a Day room ! Being able to count on a quiet, comfortable and creative work space is vital when it comes to big interviews or projects. We can offer you exactly what you need to succeed in those thanks to a Day room. Get creative with your work space and book a day room today!


Try a room by the hour in The New Territories!


We know that we all have different needs. That service today should be tailored. Personalized. That’s why we offer rooms by the hour in The New Territories!

Whether you need your hotel room a few hours in the morning, in the afternoon, or at night, we at probably have what you need!


Sometimes we just need to start the day early


We have a beautiful selection of early check-in hotels in The New Territories. 

Most hotels give you access from noon or 1PM but what you need is precisely to access early for work, because you just landed from a long flight, or just…. because. You don’t have to have a good reason, you need it, period!

Don't worry, early check-in hotels in The New Territories are part of business. We offer a wide selection of hotels with early-check-in. Here too, prices are up to -75% lower than the normal hotel rate, you don't need a credit card to book your room but you pay at your arrival instead, and you can cancel your booking at the very last minute at no charge


Plan a romantic escapade with!

Everyday life can always feel a bit the same, and your relationship makes no exception. Thanks in The New Territories you can now switch it up a little and book a romantic experience at the hotel with Dayuse. We at Dayuse, strongly believe that hotels are not only made for sleeping! It can also be your very own bubble for an out of the ordinary date, or to make things differently with your significant other. Thanks to amazing amenities as well as designs and accommodations, you can now benefit from all the great features at low prices thanks to Day rooms on

If you are in need of a late-break in The New Territories, this is the right place


Just like with early check-ins, the standard hotel hours are sometimes just not what you really need. allows you to book a room in The New Territories of Hong Kong at a reduced rate in one of our late check-out hotels. It allows you to have some rest between two flights, to get ready for an evening event, to enjoy the facilities of the hotel like the gym, the spa, the restaurant, the bar... By yourself, with your partner or your family! Book a room with a late check-in in one of our hotels on now!

A day spa at the hotel: our own definition of luxury

In our expanding selection of hotels in The New Territories of Kong you can have it all: a pool that can be indoor, outdoor or even on a rooftop, a spa, massages, sauna, hammam…

For a few hours during the day, pamper yourself! You will most certainly find a good wait to treat you well!

Get creative, you can even imagine to be served in your bed with Room Service!