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Book a hotel room for the day with Our hotel partners offer the perfect daycation for you and your partner.

Book a dayroom hotel with Dayuse, the booking central of day hotels, offers hotel rooms for a few hours at negotiated rates. Booking a hotel room for the day is a great way to break the routine. Book a hotel room for the day (for few hours) to enjoy a luxury hotel at an affordable price. With rates negotiated by Dayuse, you can dive into a romantic and relaxed atmosphere thanks to an afternoon hotel room, without having to pay the price of a whole night, all the while enjoying the outstanding service of a luxury hotel.

How to find hourly motels near me ?

Looking for a pleasant surprise or getaway? offers a selection of stylish and cozy hourly motels that offer the possibility to book room for the day at reduced rates. You can book a hotel room for the day during a time slot from 10am to 6pm for a period of between 3 and 7 hours. Regardless of the time you want to escape at, you can choose and book a hotel room for the day to meet your expectations.

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You can book a hotel room for the day or for few hours, eyes closed; Dayuse has made a selection of boutique hotels based on their location, design and quality. Everything has been designed to allow you to book a hotel room for the day so easily!

Need to take a break during the day? To escape a long and tiring day and the bustle of the city, you can book an upscale and discounted dayroom. No need to look for hours to satiate your need for a break. To catch your breath for a few hours and to go off the grid or to get some work done in a hotel, book a day room. Dayuse selected cool hotels according to rigorous criteria of elegance and discretion to allow you to book a day room in broad day light.

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Day room hotels of the Day use selection enjoy an exceptional location, have a unique design and offer a personalized service. Whatever time you want to escape, you can book a day room that meets your desires. A day room at lunchtime, tea time, or for a whole afternoon: you decide. Book a day room in a hotel decorated by a great designer in the neighborhood of your choice. The upscale quality and the small prices are the promises made by Dayuse if you book a day room; check out our selection of hotels and book a day room immediately at discount prices.

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Low prices obtained by Dayuse allow you to benefit of the hotel of your dreams for an entire day. Need a second office in the city or an airport hotel to rest, book a day room: comfortable and equipped with the latest technologies. Our boutique hotels are intimate and luxurious and are perfect for relaxation alone or with a partner. Your anonymity and privacy are assured in our hotels and are guaranteed for the booking. Visit our site to plan your next flight and book a day room.

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