Daylet hotels

A Daylet Room allows you to enjoy the facilities of a high end and boutique daytime hotels at a discounted price, 30% to 75% off the night rate. We have selected...

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Afternoon hotel rooms

Have you ever thought about spending one afternoon at the hotel? There are several advantages to slip away to a hotel during the afternoon. You could isolate...

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Layover Hotel

Did you ever have a long layover between two flights and wondered where you could rest? offers you to book Day Use in airports to have a break...

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We live in a society where things go faster and the same happens in relationships. If a relationship does not seem fulfilling, we seek the thrill somewhere...

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Romantic hotel

Do you want to prove your love, and make a romantic gift? You run out of imagination? Why not send her an invitation to meet in the hotel? Book a romantic...

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We all live hectic lives where performance is the key word. Under these conditions, taking a little rest time is very complicated and we have long ago given...

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Day Dates

The arrival of a baby is undoubtedly a wonderful moment for any couple. However, it is also a completely life changing event that impacts even the most energetic...

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Day room

Tired of napping in your room back at home? Maybe you need to switch it up a bit. With Day rooms you can book a Day room during the day to take a solo nap,...

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Book a hotel room for the day

Book a hotel room for the day with Our hotel partners offer the perfect daycation for you and your partner.

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Airport Hotel

Want to relax for a few hours quietly while waiting for your next plane? Why not treat yourself to a glamorous city center hotel in Hong Kong?

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Hourly Hotels Hong Kong, the booking central of hourly hotels, offers hotel rooms for a day at negotiated rates. Booking a hotel room for the day is a great way to break...

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More than just a room: spa, pool, restaurant, gym, concierge service...


Better than an office: a well-equipred room in a unique setting


The comfort of a beautiful quiet room

6:00 18:00
-44% HK$ 1100 per night
HK$ 616
Pentahotel Hong Kong, Kowloon
San Po Kong
Pentahotel Hong Kong, Kowloon
More than just a room, enjoy VIP access to a luxury pool Well-being
12:00 17:00
-42% HK$ 600 per night
HK$ 350
Acesite Knutsford Hotel
Tsim Sha Tsui
Acesite Knutsford Hotel
12:00 18:00
-50% HK$ 1200 per night
HK$ 600
Pentahotel Hong Kong, Tuen Mun
Tuen Mun
Pentahotel Hong Kong, Tuen Mun
A unique space to hold interviews and organise creative photo shoots... Business
12:00 17:00
-9% HK$ 600 per night
HK$ 550
Hotel Ease Access Tsuen Wan
Tsuen Wan
Hotel Ease Access Tsuen Wan
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